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Best Healthy Retailer

What’s your go-to shop to buy your favourite wholefoods? Let us know!

Best Self-care App

Can’t go a day without checking in to your favourite self-care app to meditate or relax? Tell us what it is!

Best Health Spa/Retreat

In need of some me-time? A spa day can give you some well-earned respite. Let us know where your favourite place is!

Best Wellness Podcast

Can’t stand doing the commute without plugging into your favourite podcast? We want to know which one you love the most.

Favourite Wellness Celebrity

It’s time to let us know the celebrity who’s inspired you most on your health, fitness and wellness journey.

Favourite Wellness Influencer

Is there someone who inspires you to live your healthiest life, inside and out? Tell us who it is!

How the awards work

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Tell us your favourites, and we will listen! Submit your nominations before the 28th of March 2022

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Every vote counts, so don’t forget to tell us who you think should win. Voting is open from 15th April to 22nd July 2022.

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Stage Three

Winners will be announced in the November issue of Health & wellbeing magazine